Why Food Allergy Testing is Important

There are literally hundreds of different food allergies. Some of them are blatant and severe, causing horrible symptoms almost immediately. The most common allergens of these types are stings from bees, shellfish, certain seafoods, and many different plants. Severe allergies are an emergency. The reality of the situation is that such horrible food allergies are not nearly as common as ones which you don’t always notice symptoms right away or even at all. There could be foods you are eating that are actually causing damage to your body and you may not even know it at all. Seek out food allergy testing clinton nj area residents go to for their allergy needs.

The most common food allergens are wheat, eggs, shellfish, tree nuts, and dairy products. Gluten, a protein found in wheat and other grains, is becoming a major problem. More and more often, people are showing up with reactions to gluten and discovering, through allergy testing, that they are allergic to gluten. That is why you see all the gluten-free foods on the shelves now. It is actually the most common food allergy known to date. When left unchecked, gluten allergies can become so severe as to cause a condition called celiac disease. Please get yourself tested for wheat and gluten allergies so you can prevent a great deal of problems in the future.

Other food allergies could be causing inflammation and cellular degradation in your body and you may not even know about it. We all know that a good diet is important. Sometimes, you can have allergies to perfectly healthy foods and not even know it. Once you see a professional allergist for food allergy testing, you will know exactly what you can and cannot eat. It may take some dietary re-arrangement on your part, but your body will be so much healthier.

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